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The Grooming Code of Irina Smirnova

 Understanding the Dog entirely and its fundamental meaning of existing near man is the first step towards high performance achievements in any type of dog care related businesses.

We will learn about: Domestication or denizen of the wolf The first dog and selective breeding Silver fox experiment Understanding the varieties in shapes and sizes of todays dogs Pack or social mentality of dogs .

All about dog behavior you need to know to provide stress free handling to dogs you groom Socialisation of the puppies.

How to diagnose and cure dog anxiety Sasha Riess – Instinct of Love – dog behavior program Understanding aggressive dogs and how to change aggressive behavior How to raise the perfect client (from the puppy to geriatric pet)

"Where the spirit doesn't work with the hand, there is no art" - Leonardo da Vinci

To free your creativity and be what you truly are, you should give your best and take your knowledge to the level of experience and unconsciousness where from emotions float out as the answer to a task given. This is my goal, to waken up what is alive but latent in ourselves who are now afraid to say "This is really me!". Every change we make in our lives is hard, but that is why we are here, to show how much we are capable of making changes both in our personal lives and careers. Thank you all for trusting me, I really am honored to be your instructor. The program I have created for you is nothing similar to what you have already seen- its value is in a different approach to grooming, this is my way to freedom and I want to teach you how to make it yours too. Whatever others think of that, I suggest not paying attention to that, everyone has the right to have wrong opinion and a bad taste! The key to success is to raise your own energy; when you do,clients will naturally be attracted to you. And when they show up, bill 'em!

Welcome to the Passionate Poodle Course... Sasha

The Grooming Code is a revolutionary coaching program founded by Sasha Riess, developed to help professional groomers reach their potential and expand their abilities to master State of the Art Grooming.

The program is developed through a system that makes sure you will achieve “The Perfect Groom” every single time. It has taken 20 years of hard work, pure dedication and commitment, as well as research in order to conceptualize this program.

The Grooming Code is an interactive coaching program and community designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts that are taught in all of Sasha Riess’s grooming courses, lecturing’s and materials developed over the course of nearly 20 years, becoming the undisputed leader in the Dog Grooming Educational world of today.

Vrhunski Grooming zasnive se na poznavanju i razumevanju psihologije pasa čovekovog najboljeg prijatelja, ovaj uzbudljivi kurs predstavlja osnovu Vašeg budućeg posla.

Poznavanje savršene gradje pasa, te objektivna procena realne gradje u odnosu na proporcije prirodnih zakona od velike je važnosti za konačan uspeh u vašem školovanju. Poznavanje pridodnih zakona, matematičke dokazivosti harmonije i primena istraživačkog rada velikih umetnika civilizacije koji su se bavili ovim pitanjem, poput Leonarda da Vinčija i Fibernačija, kao i naučnika današnjice koji su primenjivali rezultate njihovih istraživanja na modernog psa. Veoma zahtevno iskustvo koje je nezamenjljivo u stvaranju savršenog modela psa, kojem će te kroz zvoj budući rad - težiti